What Color Countertops Are Right for Your Kitchen?

Date: November 8, 2019

What Color Countertops Are Right for Your Kitchen?


Your kitchen color scheme will help you determine the best choices in kitchen countertops. The first thing to consider is the undertones of the surrounding décor, including your cabinets, island, kitchen table, paint scheme, and flooring. Begin by taking a step back and looking at your kitchen as a whole. Write down the three most striking things that you notice, whether it’s the flooring, cabinetry, paint, or some other feature. If it is the paint, remember, you can change this at any time, so try to match your countertop with a feature that you know is here to stay. The next step is going to be selecting a countertop color that complements these features.  In this article, we’ll talk about a few examples of décor and how they suggest a best possible color complement in the countertops.


Dark Wood Cabinets and Yellow or Orange Wood Floors: Go Light 

If you have dark cherry wood or mahogany cabinetry, you want to be careful not to select a countertop color that will clash. Blue or green tinted countertops will make cherry wood look even more red. Choose countertops in green-gray, greenish blue-gray, or sage to match, or else choose a black flecked design. Or, if your cabinetry is a grainy dark wood, consider a pure white countertop in Corian or Caesarstone to balance the bold character with a splash of brightness. It provides a great visual break, especially if adjacent rooms feature white walls or furnishings. Similarly, if you have wood or wood-look flooring with yellow or orange undertones, cool gray or blue counters will intensify those undertones too much.  


Patterns in Wallpaper or Flooring or a Modern, Clean Theme: Go Simple

Solid countertops are an excellent complement to otherwise complex designs that feature a lot of patterns. If you have wallpaper, chair upholstery, or curtains with complex patterns – or even flooring with mosaic tiles or some other complex look, then a solid color countertop can balance the room. Conversely, if you have a simple, modern looking kitchen without any stylized furnishings, then a countertop with a natural pattern or multiple colors will balance out your kitchen nicely, and provide a needed focal point. If your kitchen is stark white and bright, a few years ago we might have recommended a darker counter, but now your options have expanded. A light colored countertop with a subtle flecked or softly veined white design to it is the current height of visual sophistication, but it is a trending look that may not hold up as well over time as something with a bit more contrast. However, there is a practical aspect to the lighter counters in that they make crumbs and dust less conspicuous.


Cool Breezy or Crisp White Designs: Consider Wood

As we just mentioned above, the stark, cool, breezy and white design is in vogue right now. Warm wood can infuse this type of kitchen with a warm homey character that makes the space feel less austere. Wood is also excellent when the kitchen transitions into a dining or living area that makes use of wood, helping to blend the transition between the spaces. Wood also works well in spaces with a lot of stone, to provide a contrasting, yet natural surface. This look is one that we think has great staying power.

If this all sounds a little complicated, don’t worry. That’s why Modern Kitchens & Baths design experts are on hand to provide valuable, yet free guidance on decisions like this. If you are considering a kitchen redesign, stop in and talk to us about your ideas for your home, and we’ll help you refine them into a cohesive design that can stand the test of time.

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