Trends in Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinet Door Styles

Date: July 2, 2019

Trends in Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinet Door Styles
Never before have consumers had such a wide array of styles in kitchen cabinets, from contemporary to classic, with more materials than ever in use. Among the current styles, we have selected a few that we consider to be the most likely to provide a long-lasting return on your investment.
Clean Aesthetics
People who watch a lot of HGTV notice many of the minimalistic designs that are shown, with hard, sharp lines and contours. Flat panel styles with smooth edge profiles, complemented by low profile handles really combine to create a modern look that reduces all appearance of clutter and works well with today’s appliances. Clean aesthetics in cabinetry also help to focus the eye on some of the more intricate backsplashes and hoods that have become popular.
Customized Colors and Two-Tone Cabinets
Paint is as popular today as stains were just a few years ago, and the range of colors that are in vogue is even more diverse. Homeowners love the options that paint provides to build character into their kitchens and to make a bold statement. Often, we see two paint tones, typically a lighter shade or white in top cabinets and a darker shade below. Medium toned hues are the most common, and we see them often in shades of gray and taupe. Among darker shades, hunter green, inky black, and now navy blue are especially popular. Dark shades are finding homes in more opulent kitchens, creating a sense of drama and luxury – but they can make smaller kitchens appear less spacious.
Oak Cabinetry
Oak cabinetry is making a comeback, but in more varied forms than we have seen in the past. It provides versatility, with possibilities for clean and modern simplicity, a French cottage, seaside, or even natural and rustic looks. We see them in recessed panels and flat slabs, in cerused and driftwood finishes, and even painted. The varieties are almost infinite, but oak is a great material for its hardness and durability for the price.
Shaker Cabinets
A shaker design uses a recessed rectangle in the middle and clean lines. This simple style is extremely versatile and complements almost any design style and décor, from contemporary and minimalist to traditional and classic. We see it often in homes that get remodeled every decade, because they can be easily updated with new paint colors and wood finishes.
Beaded Inset
Beaded inset doors have a design that displays the frame around each of the door panels, so that the door panel is either flush or nearly flush with the frame. This high-end look results from doors that are built into the main body of the cabinet, without having any parts sticking out. Beaded inset doors typically have a recessed area in the middle to create a deeper, sturdy, and high quality look. These cabinets create an impressively integrated appearance with different size doors across a wide expanse.
Cabinet Glass Doors
We see glass doors in every style of cabinetry. It is most common in cottage and country styles, but is also prevalent in contemporary designs with minimalist lines. Glass allows homowners to showcase colorful pieces and it creates a more sophisticated overall aesthetic, as well as contributing to a more open and spacious appearance. Glass door insets also help to balance a design that features heavy metals and darker woods.
Many kitchen cabinet designs come and go, but these styles have had staying power. If you have any questions about integrating these designs into your kitchen, or you are considering a full remodel, call us or ask us on Facebook!

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