Quality Construction Features to Look for in Your New Kitchen Cabinets

Date: February 3, 2020

Quality Construction Features to Look for in Your New Kitchen Cabinets


High end kitchen cabinets combine beautiful design with quality workmanship and materials. Much of what is available on the market falls short in at least one of these capacities, but if you plan on staying in your home for years to come, it is worth investing in the durability of both the style and functionality of your cabinets. For example, IKEA offers a trending sleek style, but underneath what some would suggest is a high end appearance, lies inferior materials and construction. Here, we focus on the features that ensure your investment will last for decades to come:

Fully Assembled: We mentioned IKEA, pioneers in the ready-to-assemble (RTA) furniture movement that has made stylish-looking furniture more affordable, but led to compromises in design and durability. Quality design requires assembly techniques and materials that are best left to professionals. RTA design techniques emphasize cost-effective shipping and packaging over quality of construction.


Full-Height Back Panels: So often, quality construction lies in the details you don’t see. Quality cabinets have a strong, full back panel that extends the vertical length of the cabinet. If installation requires cutting or drilling, it is easier with a wood back panel than with picture frame panels, furniture board, or plywood – each of which is much flimsier than wood.


Quality Cabinet Frames: Just as full-height back panels contribute stability to the frames, so does the opposite side – the face frames. Frames should either be solid hardwood, or in some frameless designs, the rest of the cabinetry is built thicker to compensate for the loss of stability that the design would otherwise cause.


Braced Cabinet Boxes: At the bottoms and tops of each cabinet, should be well-designed braces made of wood or metal, or I-beams, rather than cheap plastic gussets. These give the cabinets torsional stability, which is especially important if the cabinets are ever going to be removed for painting or staining. Gusseted designs often fall apart when the cabinets are removed.


Soft-Close Hinges and Glides: These quality components don’t just ensure the durability of your investment; they also make operation more enjoyable. There is a luxurious feel to smooth, frictionless closing drawers and cabinets that you’ll notice right away and appreciate over the long haul. Conversely, epoxy coated guides and cheap hinges deteriorate over time and become noisy and balky.


So much of what is shown online is about style, and that is quite understandable. Style appeals to emotion, which makes it a more enjoyable consideration. But over the long run, the attention paid to details like these will make you even happier with your investment than the style you choose.

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