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Countertops STL

countertops stl

Whether you are remodeling your kitchen or bathroom or simply want to update the look of your home, consider new countertops in STL. Countertops can take a beating and they become dirty, scratched and outdated over time. You can easily and affordably create a new and improved look to your home with new countertops in STL. There are many different countertop choices and options available.

Choices for Countertops in STL

Modern countertops are versatile and durable and are available in a number of different materials. To choose the best option you will need to think about the look that you want to achieve and the budget that you have available for the project.

One of the best ways to view the many options for countertops in STL is to visit our showroom. Here you will find a selection of different materials, colors and design options that will make countertop selection easier. You will be able to picture what a particular material will look like when it is in place on an actual counter.

Some things to keep in mind when you choose a countertop include durability, style, color and maintenance. You may want to make sure that you choose a type of countertop material that is easy to maintain and won’t get damaged easily. It is also helpful to note that some colors show wear more easily than others.

Formica ™ is a common brand of laminate countertop. These countertops are made with laminate but they often mimic natural materials such as stone and tile. Laminate countertops are among the most affordable and are resistant to impact and last a long time with little maintenance required. They can also be made in a large selection of colors.

Natural stone countertops in STL are among the most beautiful. These include such materials as granite and quartz. Granite is a common material for kitchen countertops because of its luxurious appearance and durability. Since granite doesn’t burn you can easily set hot pots and pans on it without fear of damage.

Quartz countertops are non-porous and are manufactured under a variety of brand names such as Silestone, Zodiaq Cambria and Caesarstone. They are made using natural stone with enhancements to improve their durability and to resist scratches and to make them easy to clean.

Professional Countertop Installation

Our team of professionals will assist you throughout the process including choosing the material and overseeing the installation of your new countertop. We will measure the size of the counter to ensure that it is made to the exact specifications of your kitchen or bathroom.

It is always best to have countertops installed by professionals. Our installers have the experience and expertise to properly remove your old countertop and put the new one in place. Countertops are properly secured and will fit exactly so it will look good and perform well. We will provide you with instructions for care and maintenance so you can keep your new countertop looking its best for many years to come.



Countertops STL

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Granite Countertops St Louis

When you design your kitchen, there are many decisions to make. In addition to the selection of distribution, color, style, and decorations, one of the crucial decisions is the countertop material. It is essential to choose an ideal material for two main reasons: it is a surface that is used a lot, and it is one of the most visible elements of the kitchen.

In the market, there are different options of materials for the countertop of the kitchen. You can find choices in Formica, compact quartz, marble, synthetic materials, wood and even stainless steel. However, none of these materials outperforms granite countertops.

Granite: An Endless Material

This is a natural stone, formed by quartz, feldspar, and mica. For the rock that forms in the earth's crust to be granite, it must solidify slowly and under high pressure. These circumstances provide the characteristics of hardness and durability that make granite unique.

The marble is a similar material, but regarding domestic use, it turns out to be more delicate, and to require higher maintenance. It is essential that you know the main advantages that you will obtain when using granite for your kitchen. Also, if you are looking for the best options in granite countertops in St Louis, you can visit the showroom of Modern Kitchens & Baths, and we will attend you cordially.

Advantages of Granite Countertops

  1. Durability

These rocks are metamorphic. This process of transformation under prolonged high pressure gives the granite an exceptional hardness. This rock once placed will last a lifetime, with simple maintenance.

  1. Beauty

There are different colors and patterns of this material. This allows expert suppliers such as Modern Kitchens & Baths to offer you different shades and designs to give a spectacular final touch to your kitchen. Also, like wood and marble, these materials maintain their elegance and aesthetic value over time.

  1. Hygiene

One of the significant advantages of granite countertops is this. They are continuous surfaces, that is, there will be no cracks and joints that encourage the accumulation of dirt, microbes, and bacteria.

  1. Resistance

Granite is a material that resists everything. Because it is a rock, it can withstand high temperatures without fear of cracking or deformation (and it will not lose its beauty either). Also, they are entirely impermeable, which avoids that it rots or wears easily. This feature also favors maintenance, as you can wash them completely with ease.

  1. Add Value

When it comes to kitchen finishes, granite is one of the tops of the line materials. Placing this type of countertop turns your kitchen into a state of the art environment. This significantly increases the value of your property, and this value is maintained over time because the material does not deteriorate.

  1. Ecology

This material is entirely natural. It is considered “green”. It is also ecological and recyclable. If you use this type of surface, you will be contributing to preserving the environment. Other countertop materials such as Formica or synthetics require manufacturing processes that can emit pollutants and damage the ecosystem.

Give Your Kitchen a Spectacular Touch!

If you want to add that special touch to this area, and are looking for granite countertops in St Louis, Modern Kitchens & Baths has the best of the region for you. We have for you the most exclusive selection, and our expert technicians so that you can achieve the finish you dream of in your kitchen. Visit our showroom or request a quote today; we will be happy to assist you.

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