Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling in St. Louis MO

Make your home a more beautiful and enjoyable place to live with bathroom and kitchen remodeling in St. Louis MO. Choose a family company with decades of dedicated service to its customers for your kitchen design and bathroom design. Established in 1950, Modern Kitchens and Baths serves as the premier showroom for kitchen and bath remodeling products in St. Louis.

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Bathroom Remodeling St Louis

bathroom remodeling st louis

Outdated bathrooms can make your home appear old. When you want to greatly improve the look and function of your home one of the first places to begin is with bathroom remodeling in St. Louis. A bathroom remodeling project will give your bathroom new life and make it much more pleasant for you and your family. It will also increase the value of your home.

Tips for Bathroom Remodeling in St. Louis

Over the years, many updates have been made to bathrooms and other rooms of the home. Bathrooms have become places of luxury where people can spend time to relax and rejuvenate. Bathroom improvements can be minor or major, depending on your needs and your budget. If you have a tight budget you can create a plan that will allow you to handle bathroom remodeling in St. Louis over several different phases.

There are several areas of your bathroom that you may want to consider updating. These include the shower and tub enclosure, the sink, faucet and cabinet, mirrors and lighting, flooring and walls. In some cases you may want to expand the size of your bathroom. An experienced remodeler will be able to examine your bathroom and determine whether this may be part of a remodeling project.

It is important to improve both the look of the bathroom as well as the functionality. A new and improved shower and tub will go a long way towards making the room more luxurious and more modern. The same holds true for new lighting fixtures and a new sink and cabinet. Even relatively small changes can make a big difference in the look of your bathroom.

It is helpful to spend some time gathering ideas and examples of bathroom remodeling options that you prefer. This will help as you work with the remodeler in determining what you want to have done and how to make it fit into your budget.

Getting the Most from a Bathroom Remodeling Project

When you are ready to start your project for bathroom remodeling in St. Louis it is best to know your budget. You need to allow some extra money for unexpected issues that may crop up or for upgrades that you may decide you prefer. Count on the remodeling company to provide you with a written estimate for work.

If there are any changes to the price of the job you must approve them before the work is started. If the bathroom is going to be out of commission during remodeling you will need to determine how you will function without the use of the bathroom. If you have another bathroom, that is the ideal situation.

Review the work that is being completed on a regular basis to make sure that it meets your approval. You don’t want to wait until the entire job is finished to point out any issues. Once your bathroom remodeling job is complete you and your family will enjoy a completely updated room that you can enjoy for many years to come.

Bathroom Remodeling St Louis

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St Louis Bathroom Designer

When planning the construction of a house, often little attention is paid to the bathroom. People think it's a space only necessary due to its functionality. However, the bathroom is one of the areas where essential and intimate moments of the inhabitants of the home take place.

That's why bathrooms should be spaces that provide an excellent experience to the users. In this sense, when designing this space, you must try to achieve a balance between functionality, comfort, and beauty. It is essential that you have in mind the key aspects to make a bathroom design that gives you a complete, adequate and comfortable space.

5 Keys to Ideal Bathroom Design

  1. Purpose

When you design your bathroom, the first thing you need to define is what type of space you are going to build. You may need a guest bathroom; then you only need to design "half bath" to fulfill the purpose. On the other hand, if you need a complete bathroom, it is also appropriate to consider whether it will be a general bathroom, or whether it will be an internal part of a particular room.

  1. Distribution

To achieve a proper bathroom, you do not need a large home space. What is essential is to distribute the necessary components (shower or bath, washbasin, W.C.) correctly in the area. In this sense, the wisest thing is to place the more prominent elements at the bottom of the space. That will allow people to move and unfold smoothly.

Also, when elaborating the design, it is vital that the W.C. is not the first element located when entering the area. Preferably, look to establish the sink or shelves at the beginning. If you need the assistance of the best St Louis' bathroom designer contact us, at Modern Kitchens & Baths we are ready to assist you.

  1. The Floor

This is an area where water is often present. To ensure the safety of bath occupants, it is vital that the surface is safe, preferably non-slip. Regarding aesthetics, try to use floor elements with large quadrants and that the entire surface is covered with the same material. This will allow an excellent visual effect, and sensation of amplitude.

  1. Cabinets & Storage

Entering a bathroom and finding personal hygiene products watered or messy distributed is always unpleasant. When designing your bathroom, make sure there is enough space to store all personal items properly. To do this, have enough cabinets and shelves within what space allows.

  1. Accessories

It is essential that you think about where you are going to place the accessories in the distribution of your bathroom. Many times they are not taken into account at the time of distributing the space, but specific accessories are just as essential as the main pieces. In that sense, consider where those applications will go, such as the toilet paper dispenser, the wastepaper basket, and the towel bases, to maintain the balance of aesthetics and functionality of the space.

Trust the Experts

Modern Kitchens & Baths are the best St Louis' bathroom designer, and we are ready to help you with your project. Since 1950 we have been established in the region, providing the best, most innovative and modern products for bathrooms and kitchens in St. Louis. Let our experts help you design the bathroom of your dreams; Contact Us.

Bathroom Redesign St Louis

The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in a house. Like any space in a home, it devalues over time, both aesthetically and functionally. Also, the various electrical and plumbing installations in this area often deteriorate due to constant use.

Redesigning this space brings multiple advantages to the home. First, by redefining the area, you can adapt the bathroom to the new realities and needs of the family. Also, this is a space that should provide a wonderful user experience, and redesign can help achieve this. Additionally, redesigning your home will always increase the value of your property. It is essential that you take into account certain factors that determine a successful bathroom redesign.

Why Are You Redesigning?

It is essential that you have defined from the beginning which are the reasons that lead you to redesign your bathroom. That will let you know what you need to change or transform. It will also give you an idea of the size of the project that you have in mind, as well as the money you may need.

Regarding the functional value of the area, don't just consider the current needs of bathroom users. It is appropriate that you make a projection and work by a future at least in the medium term. This will allow you a redesign that will last several years.

The Contractor

Redesigning a bathroom is one of the most challenging projects. A particular feature of these spaces is that the main appliances depend on plumbing installations, both clean water and drainage. In that sense, you must select a company with a high trajectory and prestige such as Modern Kitchens & Baths. This will allow you to make the redistributions that you need in the right way, and that you can obtain a long-lasting and well-elaborated space.

The Budget

Whenever you undertake a redesign of space, it is advisable to prepare a budget for an amount less than the total available money, so that you are ready for any unforeseen event.

In the particular case of bathroom redesign, take into account that depending on the type of work your project requires, you will have two distinct stages: demolition and reconstruction. In that sense, it is advisable to clarify very well with the contractor the costs and scope of each of these phases.


In the redesign of your bathroom, it is also essential which style will define this environment. You can choose between a modern, rustic or eclectic trend, among others. Let space reflect your personality and good taste. Also, make sure the pattern you want is in harmony with the decor of the rest of the property.

Nowadays there is an excellent offer of appliances, devices, and cabinets for different styles of decoration. If you are going to make a bathroom redesign in St Louis contact us, Modern Kitchens & Baths have as a premise the constant renovation of the offer of equipment and accessories, to offer you the best state of the art options available in the market.

Are You Ready to Redesign Your Bathroom?

If you have decided to make a bathroom redesign in St Louis, you can count on Modern Kitchens & Baths. Allow our expert advisors to assist you so that you achieve a renewed, functional and spectacular bathroom. Visit our showroom, to let your imagination fly, or request a consultation; we will be happy to help you.

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