Bathroom Renovation Ideas to Make the Space Uniquely Yours

Date: February 17, 2020

Bathroom Renovation Ideas to Make the Space Uniquely Yours


One of the great things about a remodel is that it affords you the opportunity to personalize your home to your distinct tastes and preferences. So whether you’re remodeling a completely outdated bathroom or a cookie cutter builder’s layout, talk with us about using any combination of these ideas to create a one-of-a-kind bathroom that reflects your individual style and function preferences:


Natural Lighting

Bathrooms are a glorious place to awaken and begin your day, especially when there’s invigorating natural light pouring through. A large window can bring the outdoors in, especially if you have beautiful views. If you love Mid-Century Modern design, a floor-to-ceiling window really completes the look. Consider using a pane of frosted glass to preserve your privacy, up to eye-level height, and then clear glass above. Skylights, smaller windows and portholes also add to the effect, especially if you have windows installed on multiple walls.


Open Shower

Ditch the glass enclosures, the walk-around stone walls, and (especially) the curtains! Your remodel can include a shower area large enough that it doesn’t need to be enclosed to contain splashes or to keep the floor from getting soaked. It’s all about directing the water streams downward toward the drain and away from the other areas of your bathroom. Rainfall showerheads make open showers even more spa-like. The open shower concept not only looks luxurious, but it’s a practical design too that affords more area for moving around and storing your soaps and shampoos.


Elegant Fixtures

In modern, open bathroom designs with little clutter, fixtures have a great chance to shine. Splurge a little on vanity lighting, overhead lighting, and accent lighting fixtures to transform the look of your bathroom. Go really elegant with a stunning chandelier and candelabra wall sconces. Or go futuristic with mood-setting LED and colored lighting options as well if you enjoy having a little ambience at nighttime!


Wall Storage Niches

If you’re using stone and tile in your bathroom, consider inset wall storage niches and niches to display plants and artwork. Use the same shapes throughout for a common theme, such as rectangles. If you duplicate the same size or dimension of the shape in multiple wall materials, such as tile in the shower and plaster in the walls, a consistent theme will emerge, creating a harmonious aesthetic.


There are endless ideas for making a bathroom renovation one that you’ll love, because it is uniquely yours. Talk to our remodeling experts in store at either location and get inspired. Make this the year you transform your bland bathroom spaces into oases of enjoyment!


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