5 Tips to Remodel Your Bathroom for Easy Cleaning

Date: October 14, 2019

5 Tips to Remodel Your Bathroom for Easy Cleaning
It’s not fun cleaning any room, let alone the bathroom, where soap scum, mold, grime, and other unmentionables collect over time. So if you are considering a bathroom remodel, this is the perfect opportunity to consider what you can do to make cleaning days much quicker and easier. In fact, the possibility of easier cleaning may be reason enough to remodel your aging bathroom!

Excellent Lighting
It’s hard to clean what you can’t completely see. Since many bathrooms lack natural lighting, there are nooks where poor lighting may not completely reach, such as behind the toilet. And these are the areas that need cleaning most! As you plan your remodel, consider adding new light fixtures and a dimmer, so that you can see everything there is to spray, wipe, and scrub on cleaning day. Recessed fixtures disperse light far and wide, and are low maintenance, as compared to sconces or hanging lights, which collect dust.

Larger Tiles
Grouting is a magnet for dirt, grime, bacteria, and mold. The more grouting you have, the more work it takes to scrub and keep it clean, especially in the shower and areas that get wet. Limit the grouting by using larger tiles on the floors, walls, and in the shower stall. You can even use tile designs with rectified (straight) edges that require little or no gaps and grouting.

Freestanding Baths
Built-in baths have edges and corners where the walls meet the bath. These areas have grout or caulking that collect bacteria and mold. Getting the muck out of these areas is difficult and requires a lot of time and elbow grease. Freestanding baths eliminate this problem. Just make sure that if you use one in a tight space, it aligns with the wall and makes cleaning that side easier, or it gives you enough clearance to get to all sides without much reaching and bending.

Vanities with Storage
If you have a vanity without shelves, chances are you accumulate lots of clutter on your countertops and other horizontal spaces. The more clutter you have, the harder it is to clean these spaces. Why add the work of moving clutter around on cleaning day when you can just plan ample storage and avoid the issue altogether? Open space also looks terrific and creates the illusion of a larger bathroom.

Recessed Medicine Cabinet
By installing your medicine cabinet inside the wall, rather than protruding from the wall, you’ll avoid the horizontal area above the cabinet collecting dust and dirt. The aesthetic will also contribute to a sleeker, cleaner overall appearance. You will also avoid the small possibility of banging your head on an edge or corner of the medicine cabinet when you bend over toward the sink.
Imagine waking up every day to a more pleasant, clean, and fresh smelling bathroom in your home. The fewer horizontal spaces, corners, ridges, edges, seams, joints, and cluttered areas there are, the easier it will be to attain and sustain cleanliness!

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