5 Reasons to Remodel Your Master Bathroom

Date: November 18, 2019

Has your bathroom been remodeled in the past 10-13 years? If not, chances are you’ve been considering a remodel to improve its functionality, beauty, and value. So many new materials, designs, and styles have elevated the role of the bathroom in the home since your last significant renovation. ALERT: If you are sitting on the fence, the following reasons to remodel could give you the necessary justification to put your ideas into action.

Accommodate Major Life Changes
You just got married and now your bathroom for one needs to accommodate two. Or maybe you are now an empty nester, and since there won’t be anyone else invading your bathroom, it’s an opportunity to create the serene and private retreat you’ve always wanted. If you’re retired, you might be considering aging-in-place options. Or maybe you just got a promotion at work and are ready to make a significant home improvement.

Improve Energy and Utility Efficiency
You may not realize it, but the master bathroom is a major contributor to your monthly energy, water, and waste bills. Energy and water efficient lighting, toilets, showers, baths, and faucets can gradually recoup your investments, while adding immediate value and functionality to your home. Many older homes in our area also have poor air circulation, which is not only inefficient, but causes mildew and mold to develop.

Replace Damaged and Outdated Fixtures
Because master bathrooms are heavily used, the wear and tear shows more quickly than it does in any other room in the house, other than the kitchen. Vanities and cabinets deteriorate, tiles crack, leaks over the years show water damage in the walls, and lack of circulation causes mold and mildew to sprout up in conspicuous places. An ugly bathroom is no place to begin or end your day.

Improve Storage and Convenience
Many people find that their bathrooms simply can’t accommodate their linens, cleaning products, and hygiene products. It’s unappealing to see these things on closet floors or spread out across counters. How about storage spaces in your shower for shampoo and soap? Investing in vanities, better designed closets, and other storage features helps to keep your bathroom neat and tidy, which makes the space more comfortable and using it more convenient.

Drive Up Home Value
A major master bathroom renovation is one of the highest return on investment projects you can undertake in your home, and it doesn’t have to be costly. In addition, homes with newly remodeled bathrooms are much more attractive to home buyers and sell much more quickly, at a higher price than homes in need of a bathroom renovation.
If it’s time to maximize the value and enjoyment you and your family get from your home, a bathroom remodel may be your next best investment. Schedule an on-site visit with Modern Kitchens & Baths’ remodeling experts to determine your needs and budget by calling 314-772-1611 for our St. Louis store or 636-394-3655 for our Manchester store.

We had a wonderful experience with Emily from Modern Kitchen and Baths and the contractors she set up to renovate our kitchen! We had a short amount of time to complete the project, and not only did Emily say it could be completed by the time we needed, but the whole team delivered on that promise. We love our new kitchen and are so thankful for the expertise that Modern Kitchen and Baths provided for us. I would definitely recommend them for anyone needing a kitchen renovation. Thank you!

Sara Schweain

From my kitchen to my master bath being completely redone, I am more than happy with the products,design & completed projects.

Bernie Williams